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HHC is the abbreviation of hexahydrocannabinol. This is one of many psychoactive cannabinoids that occur naturally in low concentrations in the cannabis plant. HHC is similar in structure and effect to THC.

Yes definitely 

No one can tell you for sure. However, it seems to have a similar risk profile to conventional THC. Long term studies will bring certainty. Currently, it is difficult to assess the risk. Check our news to get up date.

Accordion Content

It is not possible to say for sure, as it has only been available on the market in these quantities for a short time. Currently, the probability that it is not illegal is high. However, we assume that this will change. Your Country

HHC can cost less than $1 per gram of pure concentrate. However, for this you will have to buy kilos. If you want to buy only 1-5 grams, you can pay up to $50/g.

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